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‘BUS’ concerns itself with traveling throughout the USA by bus without any specific destination to arrive. The series is started in 2011 and still ongoing, in order to investigate both the physical and mental space of the nation by consuming the time and distance on the road. As Jean Baudrillard stated in his book America, “to experience the remoteness and banality of the American landscape was essential to this kind of investigation”. When I first opened up the bus route map, it looked like blood vessels running through the human body. 


To make this project specific, I created the rule to confine myself to the bus and the stops it makes. Moving from one place to another, looking at the landscape through the moving bus window, I find a sense of beauty, violence, and harshness that coexists in the American landscape. It can be found in the mountains of wrecked cars, the isolated farmhouses, the drifters walking under the harsh sunlight along the highway, or the street corner of the downtown bus stations. I see all this as the fleeting signs and traces of the contemporary culture. The resulting pictures are my unanticipated encounters and views of America framed by the bus travels.




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